Rules to make oure life easier.

Is it good? Don’t spoil it. Cannot change something?. Just let it go. Hasn’t got it an influence on your life? Ignore it. If you don’t accept something? Walk away, and when you make a choice, do, what is important for you because, no-one else do it for you.

I think, everyone needs to follow some rules in their life. Obviously, we change those rules through our life, while we grow and evolve. However, I believe, there are certain universal ones, which makes our life easier.
Like with baking a cake. You may make some changes to the recipe, to improve its taste, but there are certain ingredients in the recipe, you need to stick to, otherwise you may ruin your cake.
Some time ago, I came across those universal rules, which I believe, I follow in every day life, and probably many of you too.

1. Is it good? Don’t spoil it!
How many times in our live something good was happening, but we decided to sabotage it for some reason? It could be a good relationship, a good friendship, maybe an amazing job opportunity etc. And then after many years, we still wonder. Hmm.. Why actually did destroy it? It was good, was working.. Which takes me to another rule.

2. Cannot change something? Just let it go!
Oh yes. You destroyed something in your past. You failed, you made many mistakes, somebody you loved, fooled you? And? This is a past. Why do you care? You are human being, like everybody else. And there is plenty regrets in your life, like in every other person life. No big deal. Just get over it! Maybe learn something from your failures and mistakes you made and let it go. There is nothing worse, that be attached to the past instead living your life right in this moment!

3. Hasn’t got it an influence on your life? Ignore it!
And I do not mean by that become a total ignorant, who stops to see and react on bad things happens around you. What I mean is, don’t judge other people, do not live their lives as it does not concern you, it is not about you. You see, that your neighbour pull waste bin outside her house every week, and it stands backwards to the way you’re doing it. OMG, how could she?! And why does it concern you? Is it her bin stands outside your window and it stinks? No? Back off then! And focus on your life. Do not waste energy on things, which hasn’t got an influence on your life!

4. If you don’t accept something? Walk away, and when you make a choice, do what is important for you, because nobody else do it for you!
Walk away! Someone could point out, easy to say! Especially when you work for your company so many years, you hate it, but you think ‘There are far worse places than this.’
Or, you stuck in the relationship with some selfish jerk or never going to grow up princess for so many years. You look at him/her and think ‘He/She does not respect or understand me at all. But at least, he/she is handsome/pretty. I could end up with worse.
Of course, you could have worse job, or be in even worse relationship you are right now. However, at the same time, you could do a much better for yourself. So maybe you should really stop make excuses and ask yourself, do I really accept live my life like this? If your answer is no, then you know what to do!

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

 The Royal Mile, which has in fact one mile 110 yards in length (1.71 km), is one of the great streets of the world.
With its medieval character of historic old buildings, closely packed tenements and shadowy closes runs downhill from the cliff – skirted castle above the City to the Palace of Holyroodhouse.
The street as has been for centuries as it is today the most important place of Scottish affairs along with politicians, judges, journalist, students and tourists.
Besides fine restaurants, whisky rooms and souvenirs shops one can find plenty sights. Walking downhill, in direction, from Castle Esplanade to Holyrood, there are also other diamonds to have a look at, such as: Outlook Tower, The Hub, Gladstone’s Land, Writers Museum, Parliament Square, High Kirk of St. Giles, Mary King’s Close, Museum of Childhood, Scottish Storytelling Centre, The People’s Story, Museum of Edinburgh, Canongate Kirk, Dunbar’s Close Gardens and Scottish Poetry Library.
The Royal Mile is undoubtedly the beating heart of Edinburgh, which every traveller, who visiting the city, landing in it.

Life is a journey.

Life is a journey.
Journey – of love
-of hate,
-of joy,
-of sadness;
Journey -of wasted time,
-of experience;
Journey -of challenges,
-of stagnation;
Journey -of beautiful moments,
-of breaking heart situation;
Journey -of small successes,
-of failures;
Journey -of meeting new people all the time
-of meeting people who become important to us forever,
-of meeting people who teach as a lesson.
Yes, life is a journey. The most incredible journey of them all!!

New Year 2018 is coming…

So this year is coming to the end. And I think it is time to have a look on whole picture: good things, bad things, changes, what did I learned and what are my plans and goals for a next year.
Good things:
1. This year brought lot of an unexpected and plenty an expected situation. My relationship growth through whole year 2017, especially when me and my boyfriend moved in together.
2. I was writing plenty more than last year, and I’ve started my blog two months ago.  I found it a really challenging, as it is something totally new for me, to share my thoughts with other people.
3. I definitely found time to read more this year. Especially, books about history of Scotland, other history theme, and some novels.
4. I’ve been continue my fun with photography and I think I learnt plenty more about how to take better photos, in comparison to previous year.
5. I’ve managed run Edinburgh Marathon for charity this year, even though I wasn’t fit enough to got better time than last year. But I still, managed to cross finish line so I think it counts.
6. Comparing to last year, my family is in better health.

7. I’ve started gardening, which I’ve found really amusing.

8. And I’ve received my dual citizenship this year.

Bad things:

1. Through whole year 2017 I had plenty colds and flu, which stopped me to do even more, than I’ve already been doing.
2. I haven’t found any time for knitting this year, so my scarf, I’ve started in 2016, still waiting to be finished.
3. As I promise myself to learn more languages, especially to improve my German, I failed totally with it too.
4. So yes, I run full marathon, which is still great, however I wasn’t happy about my time and how fit I was, or in this particular situation, how fit I wasn’t.
5. Bad diet, which definitely had bad influence on my fitness and my health.

New Year 2018 – goals, plans, resolutions etc.
1. Get fit.
2. Eat healthier.
3. Be more sufficient and organized.
4. Find a new, more challenging job.
5. Do even more reading – 25 books or more.
6. Do even more writing – writing regularly on my blog.
7. Increase blog popularity.
8. Spend two hours per week to learn languages.
9. Spend even more time with photography.
10. Learn even more about history of Scotland and Edinburgh.

And I wish to all of you to have plenty goals, plans and enjoy a New Year 2018!

Edinburgh’s Christmas.

Edinburgh’s Christmas is visited Christmas Event by people from all around the world. It is a time (between end of November and beginning of January), when Edinburgh changes into magical, winter wonderland and fairytale city. Everyone may find something for themselves, as is not only about twinkling lights, and having sausage and mulled wine on Christmas Market. There is plenty more..
You can have fun on the ice ring, or visit with your kids Santa Land, with fun rides, Elf’s workshop and meeting Santa himself, or have a ride on 60 – metre high Star Flyer (Good Luck! So scary!),or enjoy city view from the Big Wheel.
I spent my time there yesterday, having lots of fun and taking plenty photos. And there are some of them:

Why Advent Calendar?

I’ve taken off from the box my wooden Advent calendar this morning and I thought, it is time to write Christmas related articles as it’s December already. So, let’s do it!
Since, I was a child, Advent Calendar has been given to me every year on 1st December, cardboard with 24 windows and 24 chocolates. I’ve been told to open single window every day and have one chocolate, till advent be over on night 24th the special night when Jesus Christ been born. I’ve been raised as Catholic, so advent itself has been important part of my family tradition. Of course, being a kid it often means not listen to, what adults were saying and so many times I emptied windows long before 24th of December. Today, I still follow tradition though, and every 1st of December I display my Advent Calendar and 24 draws feel with chocolates. Do not cheat anymore (haha).
But why Advent Calendar? Where is the tradition come from and how has it started?
Apparently, the tradition reaches back to the half 19th century, when German Protestants made chalk marks on doors or lit candles to count the days leading up to Christmas. And first printer Advent calendar been produced by Gerhald Lang in the early 1900s, who has been inspired by calendar his mum made for him.

Ayr in Ayrshire.

After my first visit to Scotland (Edinburgh!), which took place in November 2011, I knew I will back there again some day. So, it happened. Two and half years later decided to go for a little adventure to Ayr in Ayrshire, popular seaside resort, just 37 miles away from Glasgow.
I’ve found a cozy hotel, just next to the sandy beach for four nights and booked train tickets. I remembered I had to changed in Glasgow for particular train to Ayr. However, as it is a typical thing for me to do silly things, I got in to wrong train by mistake. So, the journey took me about two hours longer than suppose to, but no additional cost at least. I arrived to Ayr in the evening, and after checked in to my hotel, went for a short walk on the beach. And next two days I was exploring beaches, take long walks, and also take plenty of photos. It was May, so weather was enjoyable, a bit windy, but time to time even warm. And beaches in Ayr and around are really something for walkers. It takes hours to walk among them and you may get lost in time. Because of off – peak season was pretty quiet over there and further on it was just me, sea, some ruins on the site and nothing.
Third day, I decided to have a look at famous Ayr Racecourse, dating back to the 16th-century, which hosts Scottish Grand National. It was on my way to the other place, I particularly wanted to visit Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, who was well known Scottish bard, born in Alloway, on the outskirts of the town. It is a small museum, you may take a nice walk around Memorial Gardens, Burns Monument, Brig o’ Doon, the 15th century hump-backed bridge and ruins of Alloway Kirk. If you interested in Robert Burns life and work, it is definitely place you need to visit.

And my time in Ayr came to the end. I had a great time over there. It was just me, camera and an amazing landscape: sea, beaches, and disappearing into darkness horizon. And I reminded myself again, that Scotland is my place, where I want to be.. not just for a short break..

Dream of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh, capital of Scotland, often called Athens of the North, is definitely one of the most unique, picturesque cities of the Globe. And, if you wonder, why is that, just think, how many cities on earth has it all. The castle, Holyrood Abbey and palace, Georgian New Town, Calton Hill with its classical monuments, very old Greyfriars, medieval cathedral St. Giles, Knights Templar conspiracy theory related Rosslyn Chapel, statue of brave dog called Bobby, and basically in the centre of the city volcano remaining Arthur’s Seat. Above all, on the outskirts of the city you may find Portobello Beach, Cramond Village with its evidence of Mesolithic, Bronze Age and Roman activity, splendid UNESCO World Heritage The Forth Bridge, retiring from being in service of British monarchy Royal Yacht Brittania, full of incredible views Pentland Hills Regional Park, and many others breathe away taking sites, buildings or places. And it is true, that hot, sunny weather is not a strength of Edinburgh, however, the city itself will warm your heart!

Edinburgh Castle

Calton Hill

Holyrood Palace

Edinburgh Centre


Dean Village

Pentland Hills