Live your dream!

Live your dream! Don’t let anybody kills it! Especially don’t let you to kill it!
Always listen to your instinct!
First time, I came to Edinburgh, it was November 2011. Me and my friend wanted some short city break and we both decided book a flight to capital of Scotland. And when we arrived to the City Centre, I was totally amused by beauty of it. I think it was love from the first site. Edinburgh Castle, Royal Mile, Holyrood Abbey, Princes Gardens and above it, Calton Hill and Arthur Seat; yes, that was really something. At the time we didn’t know much about the city, its history, which places we should visit, apart few main ones. However, we both enjoyed every minute over there. And I’ve already knew, that one day I will live in Edinburgh. But, what I didn’t know, that another 4 and half years has to passed till I moved in.
And why it took me so long? There were more than one reason. And some of them were excuses, which covered my lack of confidence or courage.
However, Eventually I’ve done it. My dream came true. And today I am living in Edinburgh. And deep down I know, it was one of the best decisions in my life. So, you always remember to follow your dreams and your inner voice.

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Hi, My name is Karolina. I am historian, photography amateur, traveller, who loves life, landscape, nature etc.

One thought on “Live your dream!”

  1. I hope all your dreams continue to come true Karolina. I think that is a good point about not killing your dreams. it is so easy just to get swept along on the treadmill of life and not really think about what is it really for , what do you really want , where are we going. I hope you never lose sight of your dreams.
    I loved hearing your story about how you came here; you were brave to follow your dreams and we are lucky to have you here.

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